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En ADICTIVOZ.COM el 2009.08.22

AKON ft. BOA - Beautiful When I see you I run out of words to say (oh oh) I wouldn?t leave you Cause you?re that type of girl to make me stay (oh oh) I see the guys tryna? holla Girl I don?t wanna bother you Cause you?re independent and you got my attention Can I be your baby father Girl I just wanna show you That I love what you are doin? hun I see you in the club You gettin? down good I wanna get with you, yeah I see you in the club You showin? thugs love I wanna get with you You?re so... [Esto es...

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En CRAZY GEORGE el 2009.06.11

hi friends !! This time I want to share my second work... this is a cover for notebooks inspi' Boa - her first album called BOA XD.... Do you remember my first work of Boa ...a notebook cover of her best album BEST & USA??? IN THIS PAGE YOU CAN FIND THE COVERS IN HIGH QUALITY AND SOME INSTRUCTIONS TO USE MY DESIGN IN YOURS NOTEBOOKS....A. If you have photoshop(Cs 3 or more) you only have to download the next files .BOA front. psd y .BOA back. psd.Then you have to open the file and select the print...

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